Mad Med products are made of highest quality local honey and finest organic herbs and spices. Our honey is from Orasac and our bees travel through Serbia in search of nectar plants. Plants that we put in our honey are collected around the world: From Sri Lanka, China over Brazil and Europe all the way to Africa.


Mad Med as an idea in late 2016, was conceived by a team of young beekeepers with a desire to preserve bees, preserve nature, but also the tradition of one product - honey. In Serbia people annually dont eat honey too much so we realized that we have to offer something new. The combination of honey and crazy spices.


During the two years of existence we have gained great friends and customers of our products, who have helped us to become even better. We formed a beehive with over 100 hives, and had several actions related to the preservation of the bees, but we also modeled, like others do in rest of world, hives at Belgrade roofs.

Mad Med Int Ltd is a socially responsible company, for the past two years we have supported several humanitarian actions, were with the youngest athlete in the camps and our families during the two years of existence, we received several thousand members and friends.


We offer the following unusual tastes:

NoGmo Coco – combination of sunflower honey, cocoa and coconut

Jungle Weed – sunflower honey and organic moringa

Indonesian dream – sunflower honey and ceylon cinnamon

Mint – suncokretov med, nana i đumbir

Forest – homemade forest honey

Accacia – acacia honey