A young family business with an innovative approach

Mad Med, as an idea, originated in the year 2016. when the group of young experts decided to create their brand, which would become specific and recognizable, not just in Serbia but also in the rest of the world. The idea was to blend domestic honey of the highest quality with exotic herbs and spices. Spices that we use come from the Himalayas' footers, from the rainforest of Sri Lanka and other distant parts of the world.
In this region, the apiary culture from ancient history and honey is a product traditionally consumed in all parts of the world. Because of that, Mad Med has stepped up with revolutionary ideas and a modern production system of top quality, and in a short time became the brad that catches the eye.

After Serbia, we were able to win over our friends' hearts worldwide, so our product brought joy to the inhabitants of every continent in the world. Impressions were identical. Everyone wanted another jar. That is why Mad Med isn't just Serbian brad but also global, and why our family counts millions of people whose lives became sweeter because of our product.


Lets care about our planet and the environment

Mad Med has become recognizable as promoters of several humanitarian activities to save bees and the ecosystem.
. In times of quarantine, due to coronavirus, Mad Med has joined Serbian beekeepers' action and gave away honey to the ones in need. This was just one of the activities that we partake in, so we would use this opportunity to invite all socially responsible companies and individuals to join us in our movement, save the bees. You can find out more about it HERE.

We initiated the movement #savethebees

A large number of companies and individuals joined the movement.

We planted a large number of honey plants all over the capital.

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We connect new technology and traditional approach.

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