Creamy meadow honey

Our unique process of production has resulted in a new favorite taste among customers. The exquisite taste of our field, honey, and most good creamy structure will captivate you on your first try.

Honey from all parts of our country.

It is our original recipe.

It is a base for all our mixes with spices.

Jungle Weed - honey with moringa plant

Honey with moringa plant is our healthiest combination. There are huge benefits from the moringa plant. It is rich in all minerals and vitamins that the human body needs, and together with honey, all those benefits are amplified.

It is declared as SUPERFOOD.

Bestsellers for all ages.

It grants stronger immunity and better blood circulation.

Indonesian Dream - honey with Ceylon cinnamon

Well known combination of honey and Ceylon cinnamon. Quality honey and finest cinnamon are a perfect blend of taste and health.

It raises the resistance and regeneration of the organism.

It is excellent against bad cholesterol.

You will feel more vital and more vigorous.

Mint - honey with mint and ginger

Maybe it is our most exciting combination. The combination of these three ingredients will make an explosion of tastes in your mouth. Try it and see why this is the favorite blend of all the chefs who tried our Mint. #purehedonism

It will play with your sense of taste and smell.

It is rich in vitamins.

It goes well in tea and lots of meals.

Acacia honey

Acacia honey is one of the most esteemed kinds of honey in the world. It is created from the Acacia flower nectar and has a very mild taste with pleasant aromas. Thanks to its medical properties, Acacia honey helps with various health problems.

It decreases gastric acid secretion.

It has a calming effect, and it lovers the tension.

It is rich in minerals and vitamins.

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