Honey is at the same time both food and medicine! From ancient times people have been using honey for different purposes. Since bees create honey by collecting nectar from various flowers, also the taste will differ.


A combination of honey, mint, and ginger will mesmerize you. With each consumption, you will feel an explosion of your senses, like the first time you tried this blend. The sweetness of honey and the refreshing mint will make you think that it can’t get better, but only until you feel the effect of ginger that comes a bit later. That’s when you realize that it can always be better.



Blend of honey and Ceylon cinnamon – separately, honey and Ceylon cinnamon have a handful of health benefits and even more together. Their mixture helps with heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, while their taste is well known in human culture. Every bite will call you to have another.



Mixture of honey and moringa plant – miraculous and magical plant: Moringa. It contains in itself: Four times more vitamin A than carrots, Seven times more vitamin C Then oranges, three times more iron then spinach, three times more vitamin E than almonds and Free times more potassium than bananas. The flaw of the moringa plant is that its taste is particular. Some compare it to algae, and others compare it to hay. Also, it loses its benefits if its heat treated. For that reason, we mixed it with honey, which keeps its benefits and the benefits of the moringa plant and makes an enviable taste.


Acacia honey – Compared to other sorts of honey Acacia honey has a very bright color, almost transparent. It’s very mild and sweet, with a delicate aroma. Because of high fructose, It needs more time to crystallize, and with it, it stays longer in the liquid state. It contains vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C and magnesium.


Linden honey Is valued worldwide because of its extraordinary taste and aroma. People appreciate it even more because its blossom season lasts for five to six days instead of two to three weeks. Linden honey is excellent for infections. It contains high levels of vitamin B, vitamin C, and biotin.


Honey from oilseed. One of the most sought-after type of honey among connoisseurs. Because of low levels of sugar, it’s recommended for people with diabetes. It is helpful in many ways against gastritis, ulcers and for cleansing the liver as well. 


This honey of mild taste and subtle aroma is recommendable for senior citizens and children because of its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems. Sunflower honey is excellent for sweetening your food and is recommended instead of sugar.


Field creamed honey – The new recipe that we are using will fascinate you. The creamed texture of our field honey is something that you are not used to. We can freely say that this is natural Serbian honey. Our bees have visited half of the fertile Vojvodina, Fruska Gora mountain, central Serbia, and the South of our country.


Forest honey from the left bank of the Danube, popularly known as honeydew. Intensive taste and aroma, strong as the Danube, next to which it is collected. It has a dark shade and is rich in minerals and vitamins. Also great for raising the energy level. For more about our apiary, CLICK HERE


From the center of Belgrade comes first, Belgrade honey. Our bees at Dorcol have been very diligent and collected much nectar. The taste is very appealing, but we will wait for your opinion. We believe that you won’t be disappointed and are very optimistic that you would want some more. About the quality of the honey, read more HERE.